Homeworks lamps

Dimmable CFL & LED bulbs -

Dimmable CFL & LED bulbs - Updated graphics and a host of new images in the Oluce 2015 catalogue, which is now available to download from our website. Compatible with RadioRA® 2 and HomeWorks® QS dimmers. We have put together this list of LED and CFL lamps/fixtures that are compatible with our.

LED Autolamps

LED Autolamps What is Lutron Home Works QS, and how can it make you love living in your home even more? Combination Lamps.

<i>HomeWorks</i> Wireless

HomeWorks Wireless At LED Autolamps we believe in providing products that have the customer’s needs at the core of their desn. The wireless series works as a stand-alone system and is compatible with the HomeWorks 4 seriesLamp Dimmers allow table and floor lamps to be included in the HomeWorks lhting control system.

Load management

Load management We take pride in being industry innovators and hold the delivery of the best LED products on the market as our utmost importance. A red lht means your water heater and/or heating & cooling system is under. an electric water heater from HomeWorks can participate in the Hot Water Deal.

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